UNL Outdoor Adventures

These designs are my opportunity to have free reign over a brand. I have been able to establish a feel and identity, and build on it year after year. My attraction to very simple, immediate graphic elements shows through my decisions with shape and typography. Nebraska is flat as well a state in which you have to drive the furthest to find rock climbing. My overall use of “flat” graphic choices is my nod to the dissonance between an entirely flat state, and indoor climbing related events.

UNL Outdoor Adventures

Posters designed for Outdoor Adventures’ climbing competitions and events.

About Me


I provide my clients with refreshing, modern branding. I would say my work is client centered, but design always should be. I don't get caught up with flashy fleeting trends, but aim to make work that is timeless, direct, and effective. Many freelancers offer one service. I work in multiple mediums to offer well-rounded branding to be expressed over several platforms. I am constantly looking for ways to keep brands relevant and competitive.


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